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Green BEAN Office delivers healthy and delicious fruits & veggies, snacks, and drinks to your workplace so that everyone can be fueled for productivity.

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Create a Healthier & More Productive Workplace for Employees

Bring some exciting, new energy into your office with Green BEAN Office. We deliver convenient fresh fruits, veggies, and breakroom staples like beverages, condiments, and snack bars right to your office! Green BEAN Office is a flexible and effective way to provide employees healthy food options within the workplace.

Employees Will Love 

Office Fruit Delivery!

It's easy and fun. Customize your order to meet your specific needs. Employees will look forward to the variety and choices provided for them each week!

It provides healthy sources of energy. While coffee will always have a permanent and prominent place in the break room, research shows that eating healthy snacks throughout the day will help keep metabolism and energy levels high. After all, a healthy office is a happy and productive office!

Offer your clients and visitors something unique. If you have guests stopping by your office regularly, impress them with a fresh piece of fruit to enjoy! They'll appreciate your creativity and commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles.

What Comes in My Order?

$150 Bin contents

These examples show what might come in your chosen bin by default. You can always edit your order and add/remove whatever you'd like. Be sure to explore our grocery section for a wide variety of snacks and drinks to add to your order!

$100 Bin contents
$50 Bin contents

Partnering with Health-Minded Organizations

Where Do You Deliver Snacks to Offices?

Green BEAN Office serves businesses in most of our current home-delivery markets, including Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, St. Louis, and Nashville.

"Green BEAN Delivery far exceeded our expectations beginning with our first delivery of delicious, wholesome, and organic snack items. The assortment of local items was phenomenal and the large selection provided something for everyone in our office. The organic fruit was so fresh, which made it a favorite in our agency! It is so nice to patronize a company that supports local business."

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. Get started by entering your email below, and we'll send you a $50 coupon to use on your first order!

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It's time for better snacking @ work.